Used Car FAQs
You are a careful and cautious person—and that’s good. So, when you’re getting ready to purchase a used car, you’ll naturally have questions. The team at Unicars Honda is here to help answer our friends' questions in the Cathedral City, Coachella, and Indio, CA, areas. We’re eager to help and to make sure that when you buy from us, you buy with confidence.
If you’re in the La Quinta or Palm Springs, CA, area, read on to learn about the benefits of buying a used car, what your financing options are, and what you can do with your current vehicle. When you’re finished reading, visit our dealership to test drive your next car, truck, or SUV.
Used Car FAQs
What Are The Benefits To Buying A Used Car?
Are you buying a used car because the car you like just happens to be used? Perhaps you’re buying a used car because you’re aware of the many benefits there are to buying one?
In general, you’re likely to pay less for a used car than you would for a brand-new one. Also, when you buy used, you have the option of bringing home a vehicle that is no longer available new on the market, such as a discontinued model.
You should also consider depreciation. Depreciation is the loss of value a car experiences once it leaves our lot. Brand-new cars experience a sharp drop in value once the tires roll off our property. With used cars, most of the depreciation has already occurred, so they tend to hold more value over time.
What Are My Financing Options For A Used Car?

When you buy a used vehicle, you may wonder what your options are for financing. In general, you’re likely to need an auto loan to purchase a used car, truck, or SUV. Although you could pay fully in cash, if you want to do so. Either way, we’ll work with you to put together the right payment plan for your lifestyle.

Our finance center will help you find the perfect payment plan for you and your family. We’ll take into account your budgetary requirements. Then, we’ll reach out to our network of banks and lenders to put together the best payment plan for all parties involved.

What Should I Do With My Current Car?

Now that you’ve picked out your next car, what should you do with your current car, truck, or SUV? Well, you have two main options—selling or trading. You can sell your car privately and shoulder the work of advertising and meeting with buyers on your own. You could sell it to us and we’ll take care of all that work for you.

Your other option is trading your vehicle. Instead of cutting you a check for your current vehicle, we’ll put the value of it toward the down payment on your next one. This is a great option, as you’re likely to get more value from it than by selling your vehicle outright.

Come Visit Our Used Car Dealer Today
If you have any other questions about buying a used car, be sure to visit the team at Unicars Honda. We’re excited to help our friends in the Cathedral City, Coachella, and Indio, California, areas find the best used car for them and their families.
Contact us, if you’re local to the La Quinta or Palm Springs, California, communities!



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