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Top quality!
I had nothing but a great experience with Bill Gleba, the Internet Sales Manager. He’s professional, gave me good information, was very responsive, and was pleasant to work with . I wish Bill and his team every success!

Kathryn W.

Great experience!
great experience was in town on vacation called on a Saturday and they got me in to fix an alternator on my Acura MDX . gave me a discount for being in the military, scott was great to deal with even though there was no shuttle service on. Saturday they provided one for me would be back for sure if I lived here

Dave M.

I know absolutely nothing about cars. I only knew my daughter’s Honda Accord needed work. I was stressed to the max. Daniel, my Service Adviser, calmed me down, showed me what was needed and promptly serviced the car. I had a courtesy ride home and am a happy camper.

Barbara M.

I love my brand new civic and couldn’t be happier with my whole buying experience. Marcos helped me out and showed me all of the latest technology on my new car. The manager made the experience great as well. He came up to me and shook my hand and walked me through the entire payment process. I appreciate this being explained to me via the manager as opposed to the sales guy. I love my new car!

Darlen934 from Cars.com

Bailed me out
My Civic’s a/c stopped working while having lunch in Indio. The outside temp was 110F. Service Rep, Jason was able to get me in within 3 hours. A diagnosis was accomplished within another 2 hours and the costs and time to repair were accurately conveyed to me. No hard sell on the more expensive options. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way I was treated. They went out of their way to accommodate my issues.

BorderGuy from Cars.com

Best shopping experience!
This is now our 5th purchase from Unicars Honda and Nelson Gil. Aside from our Hondas being dependable and most feature rich vehicles, Nelson is the reason we return to Unicars. 2013 Accord Sport, 2014 CRV EXL, 2015 Accord, 2011 Honda Pilot. And now our new 2017 Honda Pilot. Suffice to say we love our Honda’s, but if we didn’t have the right sales person/dealership we wouldn’t come back. We do shop other dealerships, and cross shop brands. But nothing quite stacks up to Unicars Honda and their staff. The entire process from start to finish is easy, and you always feel involved. Their knowledge of vehicles and features surpasses competitors. They are not pushy and always ensure you are matched to the vehicle your looking for. I recommend anyone looking for a Honda to stop in and ask for Nelson, you wont be disappointed.

Raymond C.

Truly the best experience I’ve had!
Just had the best experience with a salesman here, his name was Nelson. He was not pushy, he was informative, and pleasant. We were just looking so we didn’t buy, however he had no problem walking around with us in 118 degree weather.

I buy a lot of cars often, truly the best experience I’ve had.

Linda R.

Awesome job J.B!
Just test drove a civic with salesman J.D. Alba and was impressed. Nice dealership and love the fact that he wasn’t pushy and let me just look. Awesome job J.B!

Lori W.

I wish Bill and his team every success!
I had nothing but a great experience with Bill Gleba, the Internet Sales Manager. He’s professional, gave me good information, was very responsive, and was pleasant to work with.

Kathryn W.

Great service!
Drove in from Washington state with with low pressure tire light on . Carl Coggins in the service department had it taken care of in 10 minutes and we were back on the road.

Tracie D.

Always excellent service.
Had a problem with my new Civic, noise front the drivers side front wheel. Took the car to Spreed Honda in Loma Linda since I was out in that area. They could NOT find the issue, offered to test drive the car with me, had to drive back here avoid the traffic did not have the time… Than took it to my Fav Honda service, Honda of the Desert. They had it for over 2 hours. Did nothing to the car at all, no paper work, lied to me, told me all was taken car of, and that they had to replace a strut, what?? No paper work?? I drove off the lot, same noise.NO NEW STRUT. I finally took it to Unicar Honda,in Indio, CA, where I purchased the car, Scott Sunds Service Advisor was right there, no wait, very organized,super clean place. They had the car for 4 hours found the problem. Ordered the part, I return in a few days after I got off work, , replaced the part, it runs with NO noise, like it should. Great job, took their time, did not lie to me or waste my time like Honda of the Desert has done several times to me. From now on, all service will be at Unicars Honda for me. It is worth the drive for me. I have had the best service and always a pleasant experience at Unicars. Thank you Scott, and thank you for the excellent service, and the correct repair to my car. They were great when I purchased my new car from them as well.


I would highly recommend Unicars Honda.
I had a great experience with Marcos and Luis with the purchase of my 2014 Honda Civic, The whole process took less than 2 hours and I was treated like a rock star!! I got a good trade in on my used car and the terms were with-in my limits. Marcos followed thru getting me my 2nd Key Fob this last Sat.

Mike H.

Great job! Great Service! Keep up the good work.
I would like to say that the minute I walked in I could see it was a busy day. Everyone was doing something. I was happy that I had made an appointment. I was greeted with a smile and assisted promptly.I was told it would be an hour to an hour in a half. So I decided to wait in the lobby. Very nice lobby by the way, coffee and water for your customers. I was happy that Jason came looking for me after around 10 o’clock which was a sooner than expected. Great job! Great Service! Keep up the good work. I was a satisfied customer.

Jessica A.

My wife and I were returning to Prescott yesterday, after a week visiting dear family members and our Tax Man. I knew my oil change percentage reminder was ~ 30% when we left Prescott. I had hoped to make the round trip and THEN get the oil hanged. Ha! Coming down the hill from Banning, the bloody yellow wrench light came on. We stopped at the Starbucks near you – and elected to stop at your store about 10 (ish) and see if you could do an oil change fairly rapidly – because my wife had an appointment in Prescott at 5:00 PM. (Prescott is a strong 4 hour push from your dealership!) You stated an hour and a half – and beat it!! We were very pleased with the prompt and careful service – AND the notes you made from your service inspection! As I mentioned, this is our 9th Honda (and we have had 6 Acuras along the way!). ALL our cars are serviced at Honda dealerships! Prompt, careful and thorough service keeps us in Honda products!!

Fred T.

Extremely Happy New Honda Civic Owner!
I wanted to take a few moments to send you a brief letter to express my thoughts, observations and provide a few comments regarding my experience purchasing a new 2015 Honda Civic on Sunday, March 8, 2015 at your unit cars Honda store. I actually did not intend on purchasing a vehicle that day I stepped foot onto the property. My intentions were to begin looking to purchase a quality second vehicle in the near future. I have always respected and understood that Honda manufacturers top-quality automobiles. I am 42 years old and I am a working professionals in the law-enforcement industry. As an executive police manager, I have a clear understanding that people (the employees) are the most important asset a company can possess. Furthermore, I equally understand how difficult it can be to find, higher, and maintain top notch “A type” players in any organization. I want to let you know that I wholeheartedly believe you have been successful and accomplishing this difficult task. I was greeted by salesman, Mr. James Steffen. I was immediately impressed with Mr. Steffen’s friendly demeanor and welcoming handshake and smile. James was very knowledgeable about the vehicles I was looking at, and his non-pressuring approach made me feel very comfortable and gained my trust. He looked and conducted himself with extreme professionalism and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a vehicle that was the best fit for me. I have purchased seven new vehicles in my lifetime and by far, James provided the best experience I ever had when making a significant purchase. The sales manager, Rob Pantanella introduced himself and every interaction I had with him was equally as impressive. He was very personal, friendly, professional, and he went above and beyond to help me get a “deal” that I felt was very fair. He made the process actually enjoyable. The “finance guy” John was also very professional and took the time to answer any questions I had and provided clear and understandable explanation as to the financial process. I have to admit, your team was outstanding!! The interaction between the entire team was impressive to say the least. Scale of 1 to 10 for service and overall experience was a solid 10! I can honestly say, I will recommend everyone I know to Unicars Honda and will tell them about the top-notch service, professionalism and great deal I got! Well done! Best overall experience and customer service ever when purchasing a vehicle!! Sincerely,

Forest M.

I’m very pleased and will be returning soon!!!
This was my first visit to for car maintenance and I was there for about an hour but your waiting area was very comfortable that time just flew by. I really appreciate the time you took to explain my battery deficiencies. I was not pressured or confronted about replacing the battery but was offered such service. Thanks


I would highly recommend Unicars, and their sales staff.
Wes Bruhn quoted us a very competitive price over the internet, and he was very gracious and helpful during the sales process. However, after the sale he really shined. Wes Bruhn, the internet sales manager, went above and beyond the call of duty. We bought a new CRV, and on the way home, the tire pressure indicator lit up. The next day we brought the car back to Unicars to have the tire pressure checked, and they found a screw in the left rear tire. Without a second thought, they decided to replace the tire with a new one. Said it would take about an hour. However, my wife had to go to the hospital. Wes offered us a ride to the hospital and offered to deliver our car to the hospital for us, once the tire was replaced. A very nice gesture.

Bob F.

Quick service and good shuttle service too.
Excellent experience and I had two cars done with first Butler Service and one car window tinted.

Paul G.

Thank you for three years of valuable service!
I love coming in to get my car serviced by your dealership.

Alicia J.

Thank you very much for the excellent service you gave me.
I very much appreciate the way you and your crew helped me with my problem. It means very much to me to have that feeling of trust in a person and you gave that to me.

Yvonne B.

Thank you
My recent visit to have my car serviced was a real pleasure. The man who took care of me was terrific. He went beyond what was necessary.

Yvonne B.

The best experience I have had!
I purchased a new Honda Pilot and received a five star treatment from the crew at Unicars Honda. I have purchased several vehicles in the past and this was the best experience I have had. The customer service and value was outstanding. I drove off the lot feeling appreciated and content with my purchase.

Terisa H.

Outstanding customer service!
I have purchased cars all over the area, they treated me the best. Anyone interested in buying a car should go to Unicars Honda. The best in the Desert! Without any headache!

Phyllis C.

Our very best regards to you and your staff.
I would like to compliment Mr. Jason Preston on his prompt and very courteous service he provided me on my recent trip to your dealership. We have a 2010 Honda Insight, which we unfortunately bought at another dealership, only after going to your dealership and you did not have the car that we wanted, putting that aside we have ALWAYS had this car serviced at Unicars and could not be happier. Your service is always fast, courteous, and very reasonably priced. The quality of care has always been spot on! Again, Jason did a great job this visit when our IMA -Hybrid Battery failed, he had it replaced in 2 days all under warranty, (The other dealer in town advised me it was out of warranty). They obviously were not up to date on their hybrid battery warranties, once again showing how much better your dealership’s service is.

Richard W. J.

Team Blue was fantastic.
The whole experience at the service department was excellent. Everyone was courteous, friendly and helpful. I appreciated you accommodating my schedule for service on my day off from work. When I arrived earlier than the pickup time, you made it possible to have the service on my car completed faster than the original time set. Thanks.

Irene H.

Excellent Service.
Excellent Service Staff: Courteous, Efficient, Knowledgeable

Vache C.

I’m definitely coming back to Unicars Honda I had a wonderful experience.
Great dealership, friendly staff, the service department was super helpful and honest. I had a couple of repairs that needed to be done but, Jesus, the service writer was patient and explained to me which repairs needed to be done first and what could wait. I appreciated him not trying to take advantage of a female who doesn’t know anything about cars.

Karyna S.

You won’t regret it.
This is now our second car Purchase at Unicars Honda. We had a great experience when we got our first a 2013 Accord Sport. Our sales person Nelson Gil was awesome. He went out of his way to get us the best deal possible. We had such a great experience that we chose to come back and get a 2014 CR-V EX-L fully loaded! Our accord retained a high trade in value and we were able to get into a larger car with again the best possible price. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great dependable Honda to cost Unicars, and ask for Nelson Gil.

Raymond C.

I am very pleased with the deal my fiancé and I made on our brand new 2014 Honda Civic LX. We worked with Justin, and he really worked hard to get the deal to our liking. I got a great APR, great price on the car and incentives, and they even threw in a free scotch guard service! I am paying less than I thought I would have with having done research on the car pricing, as well as my expected APR. We couldn’t be happier. John, our finance guy was also very nice and great to work with and gave us a great deal on our warranty. All I can say is my experience with Unicars was a very good one and I will probably be back when I need a new car.

Cassandra U.

It truly was a breath of fresh air.
I live locally and I stopped by to look at a New Honda Accord. I have a 2006 with a ton of miles so I figured it may be time. I went in and was immediately greeted by one of the Managers, Rob. He was extremely accommodating. Told him what I wanted and he had one of his sales people pull the Accord right up. He introduced me to his sales person Justin (I believe that’s what his name was). He asked me if I wanted something to drink and brought it right to me. The process was seamless. I spoke to Rob about past experiences and he explained that there is a new Management team in place and boy does it show. No problems, no back and forth and thankfully no “sales tactics.” I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a car.

Anthony M.

The entire staff in service is the best!
Unicars Honda to me has been a delight! The finance manager Jarod is incredible! He made the deal happen. I got fitted into a 13 Fit and what a great fit it is!!! My credit was a little less than good, but Jarod waved all kinds of extra fees, pushed through the financing with zero down! I was amazed that I could get into a new car, He always calls you back, even for the smallest question, the sales dept at Unicars are the best! I always feel comfortable here, no hard sale or pressure, but if you have a question they have plenty of time to spend! This whole dealership is one of a kind,old school for sure,Unicars is very unique. Here customer service in the sales dept comes first!! Highly recommend Unicars Honda, Indio!!!! As for service, it’s incredible! Carl the manager there went out of his way to help me with an alarm issue with my Fit, I found service here to be excellent. He even traded my system for a more expensive detail butler package, and my fit looks better then new! Very easy and relaxed feeling here, I never feel like I’m bothering them. Carl is a superb mgr., and has superb staff in service!!!!

Eric U.

Thank YOU!
Love My Service Advisor, Jason & The Techs Too!

Carol K.

LOVE my car!!
Love my CR-Z and my experience at this dealer has been terrific. Curtis, my salesman was very knowledgeable about the car and treated me with patience and respect. My Mini was at a body shop (someone ran into it) and they traded it sight unseen which I had not expected. I had done a lot of research when I went there so I knew the numbers. The finance guy was a pain, but aren’t they all? I paid cash for the car but they still put you through the thousand questions and try diligently to upsell you. You have to know what you are doing when you buy a car and when you are willing to walk out the door, but I liked these guys and LOVE my car!!

Patricia J.

I’m coming back!
I Continue To Receive Excellent Service At Unicars Honda.

Jacqueline S.

My recent experience was great!!
Went there because it was close and I had spoken with the service a couple of times, but did not have the time to leave the vehicle for repairs. So when the maintenance codes came on along with the 10% oil life, I changed the oil myself and took it in for 3 codes and to fix my running lights! I had no appointment time, but the service guys were on it and said they would shuttle me both ways, but it would only be a few hours! Later they called to discuss the one weird thing about the running light repair and I approved it to be done! Within about an hour they called and said they were done and “did I need a ride back…?” 30 minutes later the shuttle was at my gate. Arriving back at the dealership, I sat down, had all the paperwork explained to me, paid a very reasonable price and off I went!! FYI – $110 per hr. labor rate, but they also have package rates for maintenance code items! $130 ea. for Trans. and Rear Diff. fluid flush and replacement. $25 for tire rotation, $39 for oil & filter replacement.

Brett E.

Nothing negative to say.
Marcos and Jonathan are a great team. The dealer delivered everything promised!!

Venessa A.

I will recommend them, to my friends and family.
I just bought a 2014 CV-R EX-L from Unicars Honda. I did my homework and was negotiating with a total of 4 dealerships. Unicars beat all theothers in Price and responsive contact. Everyone employed there was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I do not understand why this place got so many bad reviews? I do know that this was the best experience my wife and I had while buying a new car. The entire experience was smooth and not a pushy anxious type of feeling we had experienced at dealerships in the past.

Dave P.

I love my Civic SI.
Unicars Honda has very friendly service. I’m very happy with the personal service I always receive.

Linda B.

Good Service!
Love My Honda!

Judy W.

Great experience.
Great experience was in town on vacation called on a Saturday and they got me in to fix an alternator on my Acura MDX . gave me a discount for being in the military, scott was great to deal with even though there was no shuttle service on. Saturday they provided one for me would be back for sure if I lived here.

Dave M.

The technical staff is hard to beat!
Service is always excellent. Over a 10 year period with (2) family Hondas; Special thanks to Shaun, our service advisor. When you have trust, it really makes a difference. Shaun is just great to work with. We appreciate his knowledge, honesty, and he has given us very helpful advice. Thanks much.

The Bigelow’s Family

I highly recommend Unicars Honda.
Unicars Honda was great to me. Came to look at some cars, fell in love with the Civic EX and they brought out all the cars I wanted to see. They were more than gracious to me and I have nothing bad to say about the service. Came in and looked at a couple cars on a Monday with Justin and came back that following Saturday to look at some more. Marcos was so kind and didn’t BS me. Ultimately, I came home with a brand new car that day and no hassle. Take it from a real customer.

Sara M.

very helpful and considerate
The service technicians are very helpful and considerate. They explained everything to us and could not have been more helpful.

Walter H.

I look forward to my next visit!
They have excellent customer service. The staff went out of their way to make me feel like family, very knowledgeable and informative.

Kelly D.

Best in the desert!
It’s a great dealership.

Laura B.

Would definitely go back!
Always professional and courteous, with expeditious service, thank you!

Diane G.

Excellent Service
Outstanding as always.

Ken W.

We found the right car, at the right price…
I walk in ready to battle for what I am looking for. Not the case here at All! They worked a deal to get me EXACTLY what I wanted, no regrets or compromises made today on what I came to do. These staff members have integrity, honesty, and quality service. Customer satisfaction was made apparent from the moment I spoke with my saleswoman. Her personality and charisma were refreshing and made a situation that is typically grueling, a super pleasant one. We found the right car, at the right price and I couldn’t be happier. This dealership is different than any other one I’ve ever been to or purchased at. There was no pressure at all. It was straightforward and about making me happy and getting me out the door with the car I came to get for the monthly payment I had to work with. These staff members go above and beyond for their customers and provide superb customer care.

Vanessa D.

Excellent customer service!!
Our sales man was Curtis and he is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. This is the second car we have purchased with Curtis’ help and expertise. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and hospitable. Thanks again!! We love our new Accord.

Lorraine S.

The service was wonderful.
I recently bought a car from Genaro, who works at Unicars Honda. He was an excellent help to finding the right car for my family and I. He was friendly and informative. Overall, I am happy with my choice.

Samantha M.

I recommend Unicars Honda.
I really enjoy the service that they gave us. Genaro treated us very well. Found us a great deal for the car we got. Plus they gave us a $25 gift card to use in the parts department.

Andres R.