How to Properly Care for Your Honda

The Service Department is dedicated to providing excellent service to all of our customers. Our factory-trained service technicians can diagnose and repair any issue your vehicle may have, and perform any maintenance your car needs.

Be cautious when taking in your Honda to quick lube shops. The NBC News video above shows the less than kosher tactics used to convince customers to purchase parts and services that are not recommended by Honda. Some of these products can even do harm to your vehicle, so make sure your vehicle gets what it needs!

To better protect your investment on your New Honda, read the Honda Owner’s Manual and always keep it in a safe place for future reference. Also, bring your vehicle to Unicars Honda to be sure that it will be inspected and maintained by Honda Factory-Trained Service Advisors, Parts Specialists and Technicians. Your satisfaction and safety is important to us, that’s why we will only recommend what your vehicle needs to operate at peak performance. CLICK HERE to schedule a service appointment with our specialists.

If your Honda is a model 2006 or newer, it has been equipped with the latest technology called the “Maintenance Minder” system. Please refer to the chart below to see how this revolutionary tool can save you money and keep your Honda operating at peak performance.


Oil LifeMessageWhat To Do
15%SERVICE DUE SOONPlan to take vehicle in for scheduled maintenance
5%SERVICE DUE NOWTake vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance
0%SERVICE PAST DUEService is overdue. Take vehicle in now.

Maintenance Main Items

SymbolWhat To Do
AOil change needed
BOil change needed and inspect various systems and components (see Service Manual).
NumberWhat To Do
1Rotate tires, and check tire pressure and condition
2Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter
3Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped)
4Replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance
5Replace engine coolant
6Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped)