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There’s a proper Honda lease deal out there for you—we’re sure of it. How can we be so positive? Well, it helps that our Unicars Honda team has worked tirelessly to develop lease structures that benefit locals around Indio, Cathedral City, Coachella, La Quinta, and Palm Springs, CA.

You can begin exploring these leases online and talk to our staff if you have questions. Finally, those unfamiliar with what leasing is can keep reading to learn about the basics of the process!

What A Honda Lease Deal Does For You

Leasing is a finance option which allows you to drive and enjoy your preferred Honda right now while retaining your long-term flexibility. By long-term flexibility, we’re talking about the chance to swap out your Honda vehicle for a new model down the road.

Most Honda leases last for two or three years. The car is yours to enjoy during that time. Once the lease is up, you have some options to consider:

You can return your ride and begin leasing a newer version of the same car.
You can return your Honda and begin leasing a new version of another Honda model.
You can exercise the lease-to-own option and buy your Honda outright.
Because you have these options available, many consider leasing to be a long-term test drive. It’s an easy way to determine if a specific Honda is the right fit for you.

The benefits to upgrading over time are numerous. With Honda constantly evolving their lineup, you’ll be able to have first crack at the latest technologies, the newest styling, or any performance upgrades they develop for a model.

Finance Experts
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How Our Honda Lease Deals Work For You

Our finance experts have taken a lot of time thinking about different lease agreements. The end goal is always to create leases and other finance options that benefit local drivers. We feel our lease deals offered online have strong values, yet these are just jumping off points as we’re glad to customize your lease as well.

If you speak with one of our experts online or in person, they’ll happily talk about the specifics of your personal lease. They can adjust the length of the lease, for example. They can also explain the entire process and all the options available to you if you still have questions.

Any model you see in our expansive Honda lineup is available for leasing, too. So, if there’s a specific trim level or color of a Honda you want, just let us know and we can begin putting the lease in place.

Your Honda Lease Deal Awaits

At Unicars Honda, we’re always creating unique ways to help locals enjoy their favorite Honda vehicles. Leasing is a time-tested finance option, one which we can customize to your liking. So, if you’ve thought about the benefits a Honda can bring to your lifestyle around Indio, Cathedral City, Coachella, La Quinta, and Palm Springs, California, contact our team


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