Honda Goes Green

Honda prides itself on environmental sustainability and safety in every step of the car building process.

As innovators in the field of green automotive technology, Honda is committed to reducing the uses of fossil fuels and other newly recovered Earth resources.

Additionally, Honda is working to minimize environmental impacts in all areas of business with a goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gas to zero. An example of this commitment can be summed up in the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision: Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.

Fit Ev
Fit Ev Rear

The Evolution of the Green Honda Engine

Green Manufacturing

Honda works to recycle materials and conserve resources at every stage of production including research, design, sales, production, distribution, and disposal. Committed to creating Blue Skies for our Children, the Honda difference can be seen every step of the way.

From the use of solar power and low carbon emissions in Japanese plants to the installation of wind turbines in Ohio, the environment is a priority.

Which Parts in Your New Honda are Green?

Environmentally Efficient Autos

Honda has been a long time provider of quality automobiles including fuel efficient hybrids and electric vehicles. With Earth Dream technologies autos combine the fun of driving with environmental performance.

The Honda goal is to become number one in fuel efficiency for all categories including hybrid powertrain technology, transmission technology, EV technology, and engine technology.

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Fit Ev Engine

Variety in Performance and Style

High efficiency electrical engines include electric servo brake systems and a low friction gearbox.

CVT transmissions systems are adaptable and available from mini to mid-size. Learn more about available green technology in both new and pre-owned vehicles with a Honda expert at Unicars Honda in Indio, CA. Get a free quote or learn about the value of a trade-in. Experts are available Monday through Saturday in sales, service, and finance. Contact Unicars Honda today to request more information.