Financing FAQs

There are common finance questions our Unicars Honda experts receive regularly. These are important questions, ones which help drivers around Palm Springs and Coachella, CA, develop the right payment structure. We’re happy to talk with you online or in person about any finance queries you might have. In the meantime, you can read this financing FAQ overview we’ve created.

The following are questions we routinely receive from drivers near La Quinta, Indio, Cathedral City, CA, and other local communities!

Can I Customize My Finance Plan?
You can absolutely customize a finance plan for your favorite model. In fact, a large part of what our experts do is work with nearby drivers to create a structure they understand and prefer.

If you want to alter things such as the monthly payment structure, the length of the payment plan, or really anything else, just let us know what you have in mind.

Should I Buy or Should I Lease?

Buying vs. leasing is a common and important questions to answer. Buying is ideal for those seeking to keep their model long-term, while leasing gives you more flexibility in regard to moving from one model to the next.

Leases typically last for a few years, although we can certainly adjust your lease to fit your ideal timeframe. We’re happy to speak with you in detail about what leasing entails and how it benefits you!

Which Automotive Loan Is Right for Me?

An automotive loan comes in handy when trying to arrange your finance plan. There are various loan types to consider, plus various rates that can be secured. You don’t have to go into this process alone, as our team will happily stand by your side.

After working with nearby lenders for years, we’re confident we can help you secure a loan with strong rates.

Can I Begin Financing Online?

You don’t have to wait for an expert to begin the finance experience yourself. With our online tools, you can dive into the process right now:

  • Pre-approval form
  • Trade-in calculator
  • Payment estimator

The pre-approval form can be completed at any time. It serves multiple goals, one of which is helping our team understand exactly what you want from your model.

Then you have the trade-in calculator, which is all about helping you receive as much value as possible for your next car. You can use it to estimate the trade-in worth of your current vehicle. All it requires are basic insights like mileage and condition.

Finally, the payment estimator can be applied to any model in our inventory. Tinker with it to see what different finance plans you can put in place.

Ask Us Your Own Finance Questions!
Financing is specific to each driver, so you may have questions others don’t near La Quinta, Cathedral City, Coachella, Palm Springs, or Indio, California. Our Unicars Honda staff and finance experts are here to answer those questions for you. So, reach out to us however you prefer! 

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